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Foresight and Steam Sales

So yesterday Steam started yet another sale. I was talking to a friend about this and then 30 minutes later GamesRadar producedĀ Things that annoy us about steam sales. It covers most of what I was thinking of previously. For example, back when things where good, and up until quite recently, […]

The Trouble with Family

Projects for family members are a pain. This doesn’t mean that I don’t love my family they’re a great bunch, but working with my brother to develop software is a pain. This could be due to our relationship and experience with each other, but his thoughts and mine often differ. […]

Hello World

Yes it is the cliche title for a blog by a computer scientist, but whether it is learning a programming language or writing a blog post, you have to start somewhere. So Hello World…. On this the Day of the Doctor, I start anew with my blog. My outlet of […]