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Coder, Traveler, and Gamer

Week 7 – Rough Sketches

Say no to perfect sketches.

This week nothing truly stood out for me. I couldn’t decide on a specific type, location or specific image to work from. To be honest I was pretty distracted by E3 in my down time.

I still drew random scenes and objects but nothing truly jumped out as great to me.

I started with attempting cityscapes with some perspective. Unfortunately for some reason I couldn’t seem to work it out on my own. I’m not sure if it was a detail issue. On doing some research I spotted an article on Kotaku that predominantly used the perspective tool in Photoshop. It can be found here It is safe to say that this wasn’t what I wanted, but I knew I had seen something similar before. I couldn’t remember what it was.

At one point I just gave up on buildings and drew my PS3, hoping that the technique would just come to me.
See below for the PS3. It was probably my best sketch of the week at that point, but I wanted to try and push myself further.

Week 7 - PS3
Week 7 – PS3

After the Nintendo Treehouse Zelda game play stream on Thursday, my Twitter feed and game news were filled with Zelda images. I ended up trying to draw one of them and produced this.

Week7- Zelda Breath of the Wild

I couldn’t find the screenshot but the area the image is based on can be found at the 12 minutes and 40 seconds mark in the video here

My sketch was good, but I still didn’t think it was the best. The background seemed off to me and each time I tried to draw ripples I added too much detail. I didn’t want to add Link into it, but I definitely wouldn’t get the results I wanted. At least right now anyway.

Next up came a drawing of a drone. The overall appearance is relatively realistic both in dimensions and in detail. Yes, it is missing propellers. Again though, I still strove for more.

Week 7 – Drone

My next step ended up being a pleasant surprise. I used the same page as the drone to sketch another image, this time from Deus Ex Mankind Divided Breach mode (VR Missions). I drew a drone flying in an industrial setting. I hadn’t intended this at all, and I was just trying to maximise my rough page usage.

Deus Ex VR Missions - Games Radar

The Deus Ex illustration isn’t necessarily the most accurate representation, but I adjusted it on the fly to fix some of the problems I was having, namely keeping the left platform straight. For this sketch, I used lighter lines to produce backgrounds. This may be obvious to some, but it finally just clicked after I unconsciously did it.

Week 7 - Deus Ex
Week 7 – Deus Ex
Realisation Giraffe
Realisation Giraffe

This week’s rank: “Realisation” Giraffe. I am doing my homework, reading and practicing techniques. If only drawing backgrounds were as easy as Bob Ross makes it appear when he is painting.

After writing this post I found the Kotaku post that I was trying to remember.
It can be found here .

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