Week 6 – Luna & Totoro

This week I’m inspired by the Youtubers Simon and Martina often known by their blog and production studio name Eat Your Kimchi. They are Canadians who lived in South Korea from 2008 till recently when they moved to Japan.

Martina is a huge fan of Sailor Moon and the first sketch is inspired by it. Quite some time has passed since I last watched Sailor Moon but it has popped up on my radar again thanks to Martina. It is safe to say that Sailor Moon was one of the first anime that I remember watching as a child.

I recognised it was stylistically different when I was young but I didn’t know of the words anime and manga till much later in life.Loosely defined, manga is a comic or graphic novel from Japan.The loose definition of anime is Japanese animation.

Manga and anime come in many differnet genres and can contain anything you would expect from a book or film. They arent just limited to the fantastical. Bakuman for example is an excellent manga about two high school students creating manga. Whilst the concept sounds dull, the execution is excellent.
Studio Ghibli produce tremendous anime films that I have returned to several times due to the excellent narrative and beautiful artwork.

Whilst I can now easily recognise anime and manga, I had to do some research into how to stylise my creations. Practice was required and so this week was spent mainly in my rough sketch pad drawing body parts and characters.

The first sketch to share this week is Luna the guardian cat of Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon).

Luna Guardian Cat
Luna from Sailor Moon

My first rough sketch was quick and looked good. The facial features were well detailed and the body was simple to draw. It was easy to replicate into my main sketch book and the result can be seen below.

Luna Sketch
Luna Sketch

My second sketch of the week is the iconic Totoro from “My Neighbour Totoro”.


I started with two small rough sketches. The first had a seriousness to its face and looked somewhat like an owl.I don’t think it picked up the style of the character.

Totoro First Draft
Totoro First Draft

The second was much more lighthearted and fits with the style.
Totoro- Second Draft
Totoro- Second Draft

The final sketch is a well rounded combination of the two and captures the look.
Totoro Final
Totoro Final

The final sketches for this week are of the ranking giraffe in a similar style to the Totoro.

The first attempt was a small creation and was expanded upon and scaled up for the second. I was pleasantly surprised by the end result.
I’m definitely going to come back to the drawing style and perhaps I will try to create a few panels.

This week I’m ranking it as a meditating giraffe. It took a bit of patience and practice to get them right but they look good. I especially like my Totoro-giraffe.

Meditating Giraffe

As ever, feel free to leave a friendly comment,suggestions for sketches or tips below.



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