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Coder, Traveler, and Gamer

Week 5 – This Old House

This week I’ve watched the relaxing show that is This Old House. I don’t mean a standard one episode a day viewing but somewhat of a binge.

For those that are not familiar, This Old House is a home remodeling show that’s been airing since 1979 on the American television network PBS. Other British residents, if they aren’t familiar with it, should think Grand Designs on Channel 4 with less mysterious deaths, a closer following of a singular home’s development with more explanation and demonstration of building techniques.

The joy I get from This Old House is in the informative nature of the show and the banter from the hosts/tradesmen Norm, Tom, Richard, Roger and Kevin. All but Kevin have been with the show since the beginning which allows for friendly interactions between each other.The interactions with Kevin, the youngest in the group, can often be described as friendly jibes which makes the show entertaining.

This week’s sketch takes inspiration from my viewings and is a colonial style house.

As inspiration, I searched the internet and found the image below. I used it primarily as reference to the style and not as a pure replication.

Colonial House Reference
Colonial House Reference

Plans and other details about the reference image can be found at the bottom of the page.

Week 5 -  Colonial Style House
Week 5 – Colonial Style House

Whilst not being the most accurate depiction, I really enjoyed how simple it was to draw. The paneling and the brick feature wall were easy to add and offer a distinctive look. The detailing of the exterior walls in the sketch clearly defines each part of the house.

As mentioned in earlier posts, I decided to draw the outline relatively quickly. I would say overall it looks pretty good.

Week 5 -This Old Giraffe

Overall the sketch is ranked as “This Old Giraffe” or “Realtor Giraffe” because the level of detail in the house is Public Broadcast TV worthy.

To paraphrase This Old House, I’m John Jobson for

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