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Week 4 – Wyvern Doubles

This week I continue on my sketch journey with two sketches from a real object.

The object in question is a bust of the Lagiacrus from Monster Hunter Tri.

Lagiacrus Bust
Lagiacrus Bust

Honestly, I didn’t have much play time on Monster Hunter Tri so I didn’t ever really battle this Sea Wyvern. This was predominantly due to the lack of access to a Wii but also due to other focuses like my degree.

However, I do remember the time and effort given to the earlier games from the PS2 era through to the Portable G editions on the PSP. The focus of the games were to complete quests in a world filled with dinosaur-like creatures. As progress is made, you move on from basic gathering missions to hunting quests where you explore new areas. Eventually the hunts turn to the larger and more dangerous creatures of the game world known as Wyverns which is where the game really kicks off. The main delight of the game series to me is the unforgiving nature of the battles where the key to victory is strategy.

I remember my first sighting of a Rathalos in the first generation of the games and how I was impressed at the level of detail. I was in awe at its appearance and I was vastly unprepared for the battle that would unfold shortly there after.

The games stick in my memory and I hope that I did some justice to the games with these sketches.

The first sketch was drawn quickly to get a quick idea of the outline.

Sketch 1 Lagiacrus Bust
Sketch 1

The second sketch I drew with detail in mind and thus I figured it would take longer to draw.

Week4 Lagiacrus Bust Sketch 2
2nd Sketch Lagiacrus Bust

After completing both sketches, I thought my first was better. I think this was predominantly due to focusing too much on adding the detail of the scales in the second. The overall shape of each sketch is a good first attempt and in comparison to my viewpoint of the bust is an accurate representation of the dimensions.

Overall this week is ranked as “The (Giraffe) Thinker” because originally looking at the sketches I was certain about which sketch I liked the most but now I’m not so sure. I think my opinion is swayed by the extra time it took to complete the second.

If I return to this in the future, I would focus less on the detail of the scales, and I would use the game model of the Lagiacrus.

To improve future sketches of real world objects, I think I should draw quickly and accurately with my focus being on the main characteristics and properties of the object.

As the saying goes less is more.

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