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Coder, Traveler, and Gamer

Week 3 – Mountainscape

This week I continue on my sketch journey with landscapes.

My thoughts about finding a source image this week were that I wanted to match my skill level.However, I also wanted something that wasn’t overtly simplistic and looked good.

I didn’t want to draw a field it seemed too basic and a cityscape seemed too busy.

Eventually, I settled on this mountainscape at Moirane Lake in Alberta Canada.

Ten Peaks Valley, Alberta, Canada
Ten Peaks Valley, Alberta, Canada

After finding the picture, I did a small amount of research into it. The Moirane Lake area is filled with trails to hike and the lake also provides fishing and canoeing.

Interestingly enough the Ten Peaks Valley of Moirane Lake was once featured on the Canadian 20 dollar note.

Maybe one day I’ll visit and get to see how it really is but for now I have this.

Week 3 - Ten Peak Valley, Moirane Lake, Alberta, Canada
Week 3 – Ten Peaks Valley, Moirane Lake, Alberta, Canada

The sketch took longer than I thought.
Once I started adding the detail, I found it hard to decide when to stop.
The level of detail wasn’t ever enough so I just kept adding more. Initially, I started with the shading of the rocks in the foreground and then worked back.Eventually, I reached the skyline and added the clouds after.

Contemplative Giraffe
Contemplative Giraffe

Overall this week is ranked as a contemplative giraffe because originally I wasn’t sure about the sketch.
Now though I’m starting to appreciate it more.

In the future if I was to revisit it again I would add more details into the peaks with more shading.Also, I would try differentiating the areas more by adding a splash of colour.

As ever feel free to leave a friendly comment or tips below.


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