Week 2 – A Fox Tale

This week I return to a sketch I drew several months ago on a whim.

Original Fox Sketch
Original Fox Sketch

The original sketch above is based on the National History Museums’ Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015.
Due to the slightly gory nature of the original photograph, a link to it can be found at the bottom of the post.

This is the result.

Fox Sketch
New Sketch

I added a bit of shading throughout to give it a bit more depth. Both images took some time to complete, but they were fun to draw. The Don Gutoski photograph is of two foxes post battle. I chose to focus on the red fox and thus added feet.

Fox Comparison
Fox Comparison
Giraffe in a Bath
Overall this week is ranked as a giraffe relaxing in a candle glass bath as its not half bad.

As ever feel free to leave a friendly comment or tips below.


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