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Coder, Traveler, and Gamer

Hop Aboard the Hype Train – E3 2016

Am I disenchanted? Maybe.
Am I world-weary? Maybe.
Do I care about video games any more? Yes of course I do.

In case you didn’t know, its E3 time. Its a time that is generally cherished by most of the gaming community.
Electronics Entertainment Expo a place filled with delightful trailers announcements and often random celebrity appearances.

Call me disillusioned but I’m getting tired of E3.

Do I care about another Fifa or Madden? No not really.
Do other people? Yes.

I enjoy playing Fifa but it doesn’t make me care about another iteration. The Journey, read Story Mode, could be intriguing. Does this make me want to pay full price for another iteration? The answer is no from me.

In my younger years, I would stay up late watching the live streams and gathering any extra information from sites like Gamespot and IGN. If I missed a live stream then I would wake up as early as I could before school to watch them in the morning.

Now its 2016 and the special time of the year is back.
Could I watch the live streams? Yes.
Do I want to? Probably not all of them.
Do I have the time to stay up till 3am in the morning? No.
I’m not paid to write about E3 and I have a day job to get up for.

I am going to be watching the conferences, but it will be at my pleasure. I can skip through if I get bored with the inevitably repetitive nature of E3. It is safe to say that the conferences won’t be the first place I learn about upcoming games or even about what is covered during E3. Excellent coverage can be found from many media outlets now or from people attending.

This year has been filled with leaked content. They have happened pretty often and not just about E3 content. This I believe is beneficial for gamers. This could be anything from trailers to game reveals for E3. Or as recently covered by Kotaku, the delay in one of the most hyped games of the last E3, No Mans Sky.

It is safe to say E3 has changed since I first discovered it. Big companies like EA and Nintendo don’t hold their conferences at the expo anymore. There seems to be more hype and exposition over the past few years. It could just be how I perceive the effects of E3 on my life, but I just don’t get that excited anymore by E3.

In recent times, thanks to the popularity of services like Twitch we get to see a lot more actual footage and not just cinematic or staged events. It’s useful and it gives you a great idea of how the games play and whether they could be actually fun to play.

I’m sat watching the Battlefield game play footage. It looks good. I like that we are returning to the early days of the shooter genre but with newer features. The spawn mechanic looks cool and could be pretty useful.

Will I be buying Battlefield on its release? No, but that isn’t because it doesn’t look impressive or fun to play. It’s because I no longer have the free time to play anything like I once did. I want to actively select games for the experience and not the hype.

The same can be said about watching every second of a conference stream this year.
I won’t watch everything, but I do hope that something will catch my eye.
Maybe just maybe I will get to relive the feelings from my childhood.

Hopefully, I will get to experience the excitement of unexpected releases like Crisis Core or the joy of a console reveal. There are still many more conference streams and footage yet to come from E3.

I will likely post more as soon as I’ve had chance to watch them.

Till then feel free to leave a comment about E3.

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