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Foresight and Steam Sales

So yesterday Steam started yet another sale. I was talking to a friend about this and then 30 minutes later GamesRadar produced Things that annoy us about steam sales. It covers most of what I was thinking of previously.

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For example, back when things where good, and up until quite recently, I would have went with the meme “shut up and take my money”. Things have changed since then. They have done for the past few sales I must say.

As much as I generally agree with the meme shut up and take my money, I have decided things have to change.Not too long ago we were experiencing the joys of objective based steam sales. We happily bought games, both indie and triple A titles, to get the special sale achievement which unlocked progress or an item which would accumulate and then possibly unlock a free game or voucher.


Shut Up and Take My Money


Shut up and take my money

The next sale would roll up and, to your surprise, you would have several games which contained new achievements to earn. As

the story goes, you would proceed to unlock the new achievement and gain the rewards. Many of these games I enjoyed and would happily play again, but of course there would always be a few purchases you knew you may never play again.

If we flash back forward to today, we have the joys of trading card badges and free add-ons. Don’t get me wrong I like collecting things. It is the nature of the completionist inside of me where video games are concerned. However, these alternative rewards lack the appeal of the specific achievements of previous years.  Yes, we get a card, but surely most people who experienced the sales of yesteryear feel this is just not what we are looking for.

If steam were to make the same style of sale again I would more than happily purchase games and play them, but until then my steam sale purchases are numbered.



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