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Coder, Traveler, and Gamer

Week 1 – Art History

In school I was never adept at the artier side of life. I was always better with mathematics, science, and the written word. You might not be able to tell currently but hopefully my lovely wife has helped craft this post into a remarkable work of prose.

Learning about art history and its practical application were always an interest of mine. Thus, any written assignments were pretty successful. However, I would probably describe my artistic skills at school as impressionistic at best. The worst, I would probably compare it to the scribblings of a toddler.

My school art teacher once took me aside and told me to break down an object into simple shapes. She knew I liked maths, and this advice helped me to improve my artwork.
The issue I found was that I never looked to further developing my practical skills. When the time came to choose subjects for further study, I didn’t stick with art. As much as I enjoyed the subject, my lack of ability would have had a negative impact on my grades.

I said goodbye to art.

From then on, I would doodle here and there but never really produced anything beyond a crude representation of what I intended to portray. It wasn’t to say that I had no respect for the skills and talent required for the discipline, I just had no real innate ability. So, I focused on other things, namely video games and university.
Fortunately, since graduating university I’ve grown more intrigued by the art of video games, fascinated by articles on sites like Eurogamer and Kotaku. They have piqued my interest, and I have since started doodling more often. Primarily, this was due to the sheer awe that games like Bioshock and work by various concept artists were producing.

Now, drawing is fun. It’s much better than I remember it. The ability to create, to see something take form in front of my eyes is pretty cool. It also helps that my work is no longer up for marks.
Sure my drawings are still rough but maybe I will improve.

A few years ago I read that a woman named Jennifer Dewalt was doing 180 days of code (Jennifer Dewalt Day 1)  which has inspired me to post a newly sketched image once a week.  

In doing so, I aim to improve my overall drawing skill, which is currently at a very basic level. Eventually, I hope to combine my drawing efforts and programming skills to try my hand at some game development.

My first post is a recreation of the Tenth Doctor in Drake Tsui’s — Doctor Whoever.

Doctor Whoever by Quirkilicious on DeviantArt

The version I had previously seen was without the Twelfth Doctor, so the updated version was a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately, when I initially sketched it I couldn’t fix an issue with the positioning of his shoe. The shoe had to be removed. This means that I have to personally rank my sketch as a facepalming giraffe.

This is the result.

Week 1 -Tenth Doctor
Week 1 -Tenth Doctor

If you have any tips for me, or if you like my first piece leave a comment about it below.

Face Palm Giraffe
Face Palm Giraffe


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