Coder, Traveler, and Gamer
Coder, Traveler, and Gamer


I’m John Jobson. I am a Computer Science graduate of the University Of York that lives in Hartlepool. From an early age, I have been in touch with technology and later progressed onto developing software and web applications. Initially this involved a college project using Pascal code in Delphi. As I progressed, I dabbled in Visual Basic and ASP eventually reaching PHP. Now however I am more commonly using Java and C in various forms.  I consider myself an apt programmer in  web based technologies including the .Net framework. I am currently learning Python.

In 2011 for my industrial placement I started working with the PDP group as a consultant for Web Application development and Database Reporting. This was valuable experience and I will never forget the time I spent with the great colleagues I had there.

Why do you have a blog?

The main reason for this blog is a reminder of past developments as well as things I find interesting.    This could be anything from a snippet or two of code to reviewing games I’ve played recently. The other reason is to get some attention on the internet and to have a place where I can talk  about my freelance consultations.