Week 4 – Wyvern Doubles

This week I continue on my sketch journey with two sketches from a real object. The object is a bust from one of my favourite games, Monster Hunter.


Week 3 – Mountainscape

This week I continue on my sketch journey with landscapes.I wanted something that wasn’t simplistic and looked good.I chose a mountainscape in Canada.

Fox Comparison

Week 2 – A Fox Tale

This week I return to a sketch I drew a while ago based around the winning wildlife photograph of 2015 for the National History Museum.

Week 1 – Art History

In school I was never adept at the artier side of life. I was always better with mathematics, science, and the written word. You might not be able to tell currently but hopefully my lovely wife has helped craft this post into a remarkable work of prose. Learning about art […]

Home of Snow

Hi again, It has been a while. In case you were wondering, I am writing this post from Syracuse, New York which is¬†now the home of Snow and cold weather. For the past month, I’ve lived with my girlfriend that you may know from Jump The Pond. This has led […]